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Alcohol Aficionado has been mentioned in many famous publications. View 10 Best Cognac‘s Best Cognac Brands.

Industry Professionals

The 10 Best Cognac awards are reviewed by industry professionals, many of whom have been in the spirits industry for decades.

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10 Best Cognac holds rolling submissions to its rankings. Submit now to be ranked & reviewed. New Best Cognac Brands soon!

10 Best Cognac’s Online Approach

10 Best Cognac is unlike the spirits related magazines and awards that you may have encountered in the past. As opposed to focusing heavily on traditional methods of printed publication to reach drinkers like you, 10 Best Cognac & Alcohol Aficionado believe something different. We believe that it is not only the duty of the alcohol industry to reach out to you through the medium and outlets in which you already participate, but hold ourselves to the belief that you - the global drinkers - are ought to have a say in the direction the industry moves.


As you are the future of the alcohol and spirits world, we want you to know we will always provide you with the perfect platform through which you can find all of the news, awards, and information about your favorite, as well as the up-and-coming brands of Cognac in a modern and accessible way. Find out about our current favorites now!

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Best Cognac Evaluation Process

Comprised of the creme de la creme of leading industry specialists, including professional connoisseurs, seasoned distributors, and master distillers, Alcohol Aficionado places submissions to the 10 Best Cognac rankings with the exact, highly rigorous analysis we utilize for contestants vying for our highly coveted Alcohol Aficionado Spirits Awards. Each and every submission goes through an exhaustive evaluation and testing procedure that includes a highly targeted assortment of considerations. Find out more about our exciting Best Cognac Evaluation Procedure.

Best Cognac Brands

10 Best Cognac, operated in association with Alcohol Aficionado, provides in depth reviews of various types of cognac. Through our unique processes, we are able to establish lists of the Best Cognac Brands, including XO, VSOP & VS cognac. Alcohol Aficionado's alcohol awards brings a modern twist to traditional experience.

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