About 10 Best Cognac

Our Cognac Connoisseur

The team at 10 Best Cognac is made of distillers, distributors, restaurateurs and other experts in the prestigious Cognac industry. Most important of all, we proudly call ourselves professional connoisseurs. The expertise of the Best 10 Cognac team includes members that have a rich heritage in the cognac production industry that can be traced back to multiple generations.

Having a scientific and sensual approach to cognac tasting, our expert judges can identify the slightest features when analyzing Cognac beverages. Years of experience at tasting these high quality drinks provides the qualifications for proper judging based on rigorous standards. Our 10 Best Cognac Systematic Review uses an unbiased computer software program to judge and analyse the best brands of Cognac beverages.


Our Team

Creating Experiences

Sommeliers & Restaurateurs

The restaurateur & sommelier judges associated with 10 Best Cognac take ownership and operating responsibilities in popular U.S. restaurants from New York to Hong Kong. This experienced lineup includes chefs, sommeliers, owners and other knowledgeable staff connected to prominent restaurant including some upscale establishments that have even earned prestigious Michelin Stars recognition.

Crafting Flavors

Worldwide Master Distillers

The 10 Best Cognac judges consist of master distillers that have actively participated in the production of award wining beverages including several cognac brands with Gold & Double Gold certification. The experienced distilling masters know what it takes to achieve the ideal flavor, texture and composition of fine Cognac beverages.

Tending Bar

Award-Winning Mixologists

10 Best Cognac's highly celebrated, award-winning mixologist judges hail from the trendiest clubs and bars to be found around the globe. Their mixology accomplishments include a vast assortment of industry awards and personalized write-ups in a wide variety of highly respected hospitality publications.

Spreading the Word

Brand Developers & Online Marketers

The marketing experts at 10 Best Cognac know that making the ideal beverage is only the first step of producing the perfect product for the Cognac market. Advertising and marketing specialists have innovative ideas and resources to reach out to a target audience that can appreciate fine brands of spirits. These judges contribute key design analysis and evaluate advertising innovations to the industry.

10 Best Cognac, operated in association with Alcohol Aficionado, provides in depth reviews of various types of cognac. Through our unique processes, we are able to establish lists of the Best Cognac Brands, including XO, VSOP & VS cognac. Alcohol Aficionado's alcohol awards brings a modern twist to traditional experience.

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