10 Best XO Cognac Brands September 2016

If you want to know this month's top XO cognac label, you will find it here. 10 Best Cognac has compiled a definitive list of high-quality cognac brands, complete with detailed, but concise, descriptions of flavor palate and color. More detailed descriptions can be found in the links below each brand. Whether you are looking for fruity, nutty, or bold, you can find it here. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Leading XO Cognac Label Logo: Hennessy Paradis
#1 of 10 Top XO Cognac Labels

Hennessy Paradis

Cognac, France

#1 of 10 Top XO Cognac Labels of 2016 - The House of Hennessy was first established in 1765 when it was created by Richard Hennessy. The brand has a total lifespan of well over 250 years, and they have continued their tradition of excellence that entire period. The brand was a brandy distributor at first, mainly selling to the nearby countries of England and Ireland. The quality of the brandy quickly took the attention of the public, and soon Hennessy started blending premium cognacs to meet the demands of the customers. Hennessy Paradis is one of their most premium blends, and it comes bottled in a beautiful glass receptacle that functions as a decanter.

 Leading XO Cognac Label Logo: Majesté XO Cognac

#2 of 10 Top XO Cognac Labels of 2016 - Majesté Cognac is known for their super premium XO and VSOP labels. Made in the Cognac region of France, where all legitimate cognacs are made, they hand-craft the finest spirits made from the highest-end ingredients. The brand gained increasing popularity across Asia, and the boutique cognac house has impressively kept up with the demand. Their Majesté XO Cognac is made with eau-de-vie of the Fine Champagne variety that has been aged at least 25 years. This premium spirit has a complex flavor profile, and a texture that is smooth and rich.

 Top XO Cognac Label Logo: Rémy Martin XO Excellence Cognac

#3 of 10 Best XO Cognac Labels of 2016 - Rémy Martin XO Excellence Cognac is the result of nearly 300 years of experience in the blending of premium cognacs. The brand was first started in 1724 when a young winegrower decided to try selling his own private blends of cognac. That winegrower was Rémy Martin, and his prowess at blending cognacs from premium crus only continued to grow. The brand exploded in popularity over the years, and it is now an internationally recognized producer of premium cognac. Their Rémy Martin XO Excellence Cognac is rich and smooth with a taste that lingers on the tongue. It is sweet, fruity, and has a hint of cinnamon.

 Leading XO Cognac Label Logo: Hardy XO Cognac
#4 of 10 Leading XO Cognac Labels

Hardy XO Cognac

Cognac, France

#4 of 10 Top XO Cognac Labels of 2016 - Hardy XO follows the long tradition that was first started by Anthony Hardy in 1863. The man was originally from London, but the appeal of the Cognac region drew him to move his life. He aspired to producing some of the best cognac in the world, and the brand has since succeeded handily. Hardy XO is an example of how their amazing amount of experience has allowed them create stellar cognacs. The spirit is dark amber in color and has notes of dark vermilion. It has an aromatic profile of roses and plums. It has been called the smoothest cognac ever made.

 Leading XO Cognac Label Logo: Remy Martin Centaure
#5 of 10 Leading XO Cognac Labels

Remy Martin Centaure

Cognac, France

#5 of 10 Top XO Cognac Labels of 2016 - The Rémy Martin brand is so popular that it was once the only cognac that King Louis XV of France would drink. He even gave the original Rémy Martin permission to expand his vineyard in order to produce more of his amazing spirits. The brand was first founded when Rémy Martin started selling his personal cognacs, and it exploded in popularity. Rémy Martin Centaure is one of the finest products that the modern brand produces, and it only includes eau-de-vie that have been aged at least six years. The taste is bold and smooth, and it has hints of honey, toasted oak, and baked apples.

 Leading XO Cognac Label Logo: Courvoisier Cognac XO
#6 of 10 Leading XO Cognac Labels

Courvoisier Cognac XO

Cognac, France

#6 of 10 Top XO Cognac Labels of 2016 - Courvoisier Cognac XO is an extra-rare version of the Courvoisier brand. They have developed a number of premium spirits in their tenure, and this is one of their finest. The brand has had over 200 years to evolve since it was first started in the early 1800s. It was first launched in Bercy, Paris, and his since moved to Jarnac. Their Courvoisier XO has a sweet taste that evokes thoughts of candied oranges and vanilla cream. It finishes with a bold flavor of iris and burnt cherries. The Master Blender for the company spends day after day honing the perfect cognac for the Courvoisier XO.

 Best XO Cognac Label Logo: Camus XO Elegance
#7 of 10 Top XO Cognac Labels

Camus XO Elegance

Cognac, France

#7 of 10 Top XO Cognac Labels of 2016 - Winner of three individual awards, Camus XO Elegance is arguably the best cognac brand. Elegance boasts a palate rich in a blend of fruity and candied notes, ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth. Glowing in shades of brilliant amber, this cognac has been aged under the watchful eye of a brew master. Using complex eaux-de-vie methods, the end result is a tasteful blend of all six crus. Borderies, the most desired of the six crus, in particular bears a strong presence and lends added enrichment to the experience. For those looking for a perfectly rounded taste, Camus XO Elegance is certain to satisfy the senses.

 Leading XO Cognac Label Logo: Martell Cognac XO
#8 of 10 Top XO Cognac Labels

Martell Cognac XO

Cognac, France

#8 of 10 Top XO Cognac Labels of 2016 - Martell XO Cognac is one of the finest you will ever taste. The brand has had over 300 years to perfect their different blends, and their XO is a prime example of why they are still distributing their fine spirits 300 years later. The brand was started by Jean Martell in 1715, and it has remained committed to the philosophies that he instilled at the inception of the brand. This XO cognac from Martell has an intense flavor that is both rich and mellow. It is made from crus from some of the highest quality regions in the Cognac area of France.

 Top XO Cognac Label Logo: Dupuy Cognac XO
#9 of 10 Leading XO Cognac Labels

Dupuy Cognac XO

Cognac, France

#9 of 10 Top XO Cognac Labels of 2016 - Dupuy Cognac XO is a blend of petite champagnes and has a golden color. The beverage is aged in oak casks for about 12 years, locking in the flavors before being bottled. When smelling the cognac, you will note hints of flowers and vanilla. A dried fruit taste that includes raisins along with almonds and walnuts can be noticed when tasting the cognac. It is best to swirl the drink in the bottom of a glass to mix the flavors before drinking.

 Best XO Cognac Label Logo: Jean Fillioux XO Imperial
#10 of 10 Leading XO Cognac Labels

Jean Fillioux XO Imperial

Cognac, France

#10 of 10 Top XO Cognac Labels of 2016 - For five generations, the Jean Fillioux family has held and improved the brand that was first created by their namesake, the first Jean Fillioux. He started the brand in 1880, and it officially took off when he purchased the house from which they produce their stellar cognacs in 1894. The brand has been handed down from father to son over the years, and the cumulative experience is enough to produce blends that are far ahead of the competition. Their XO Imperial has a rich taste of tropical fruits, and its aroma is pleasant and reminds one of bananas and oranges.

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